The Exam Readiness Lectures Library is included in all Study Packages and is not sold separately.

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Help jump-start your preparation the right way! These lectures present effective techniques for maintaining your motivation and reducing your anxiety about the examination process. In addition, they offer useful study strategies so you can maximize your score on the exam. Receive a unique approach through hypnosis with Stuart Hellebrand, an expert in test preparation, using the power of your subconscious.

Audio Lectures Include:
  • Using Hypnosis to Reduce Test Anxiety (Theory)
  • Using Hypnosis to Reduce Test Anxiety (Techniques)

Exam Readiness Lectures are offered in MP3 format and can be streamed or downloaded using any compatible device.

After purchasing the Workshop Summary Digital Library you will receive emailed instructions to our Online Program Portal. You can access the audio files anytime through our Online Program.

If you would like advice or need guidance on what fits your exam prep needs, please call our sales department for easy ordering with a helpful agent at (800) 472-1931.


This licensure preparation program and materials associated with it were not included in the Association of Social Work Boards’ Approved Continuing Education (ACE) review and are not approved by ASWB for continuing education nor endorsed by ASWB in any manner.

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