Partnership Program Materials and Tools

Partnership Program Materials and Tools

What do we offer?

Comprehensive Study Volumes

Live and Online Workshops

Flashcards in traditional and online formats

Online Content and Strategy Lectures

Online Practice Exams

Student Starter Kits

DSM Reference Cards

Theories of Psychotherapy Chart

Subject-matter expert mentors that provide personalized study plans

Pass Guarantee

TestMASTER Administrative Access

Provides access to your students' or employees' TestMASTER scores at no additional cost

  • Gives you the ability to monitor their progress
  • Supplies you with a report that breaks down how each participant scores in each content area
  • Offers a variety of ways to sort reports
  • Clearly shows student test score improvements
  • Gives you the ability to identify content areas where participants struggle in order to offer additional support within their curriculum

How Does Your Organization Benefit?

  • Access to over 40 years of exam preparation experience
  • Subject-matter experts available to all students
  • Increased graduates' pass rates on the exam
  • Strengthen accreditation reviews
  • Create a new revenue stream for the school
  • Your students will accomplish their goal of becoming a licensed professional
  • Graduates' success on the licensure exam can be a reflection on the school
  • Increase future admissions
  • Encourages alumni to maintain contact and give back to the school