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I don't think I could have passed without AATBS! I had other study materials from various programs. However, I kept going back to the AATBS materials and ended up only using AATBS. I found they were very thorough and more user friendly. When I took the exam, I felt AATBS over prepared me. The structure of the study materials help you retain the information. They give outstanding advice as to how to take the exam, how to eliminate answers, and how to choose the best answer. They even breakdown why an answer would be wrong. When calling AATBS, they were very helpful. I felt they really cared and truly wanted to help me pass my exams. It's hard to explain just how much AATBS helped me, but I wouldn't recommend any other program but AATBS!

Christina IrizarryLMFT

I know that it was your program that got me to pass the test the second time. It prepared me for how to view the questions. The "chunking" technique was extremely valuable in taking the question apart. Getting into the habit of reading the last part of the question first was excellent advice.

Be sure you sign up to take the test and do them twice. Stay committed, do like 25 questions a night, but finish the test. The flashcards were excellent as well.

Additionally, the information that you covered was right in line with what was on the test.

You guys are amazing, anything that I can do to help out now or IN THE FUTURE because you changed my future, keep me in mind.

God bless you guys!!

Dr. Sharon D. ForrestEdD, MBA

I took the Theories of Psychotherapy workshop over the past two weekends and then I passed my exam yesterday! The information you provided helped solidify my knowledge and was the determining factor in my passing the exam, I believe. Thank you so much!

Erica PatersonMA, MFT

The thought of taking the licensing exams was exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. I knew study materials could be pricey but I also knew they were a necessary and worthwhile investment for such a critical task. After asking friends and colleagues who highly recommended it and researching different companies I decided to go with AATBS and I couldn't be happier that I did. The seminars left me feeling motivated and confident. The study guides were helpful but if I had to choose only one component I would say that the quizzes and mock exams are indispensable! Most of my study time was spent on those and I'm thrilled to say that I passed both exams the first time. I'm so grateful to you AATBS. Couldn't have done it without you!!! And you can be sure I'll be turning to you for my CEUs.

Pamela Barron-PeñaLMFT

I wanted to thank AATBS for helping me pass my MFT exam on the first try!

I took the 4 week workshop with Kaynor, and she helped me so much. The workshop helped me focus on my test taking strategies rather than worrying about what I didn't remember from school. She gave us so many tools and techniques to use and ways to help us manage our anxiety during the test. After my 4 week workshop, I signed up for 30 days of practice exams. I took practice tests most nights after work, and every weekend I did 2-3 per day. After I took my exam, I went back through every question, taking my time and using the strategies that I had learned from Kaynor.

I just received my results, I passed with an 80%, and got around that in all the domains. I am so thankful that I invested with AATBS before I took the test, to ensure my success. That is one thing I don't have to worry about anymore, what a relief! Now I can concentrate on finishing my clinical hours so I can be an LMFT by the end of the year.

I will recommend AATBS to all of my cohorts from my grad school program and to every MFT that I cross paths with - it worked!

Robin Friesen-HolwellMS, MFTC


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