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1000+ Practice Exam Questions

TestMASTER is our online practice test program and your key to success on the National MFT Exam! Practice with five full-length online exams for a total of 1,000 practice questions. TestMASTER is included in all of our study packages and is also sold separately.

TestMASTER is also part of our larger online program, which includes Assessment Exams, and other add-ons such as Domain Quizzes and Final Exams - for a total of 1,300+ practice questions.

  • 5 full-length exams
  • 1000+ questions
  • Mimics the exam in terms of format and question content and difficulty
  • Detailed rationales for each question
  • Two modes of study: Study or testing mode
  • Immediate feedback on exam scores
  • Search questions on a specific term or phrase
  • Keep track of your scores
  • Additional Add-ons to enhance your testing experience
  • Revisions/updates added throughout the year

The following add-ons are available for purchase with an active TestMASTER account.

Assessment Exam
  • The first step in your study process!
  • Initially evaluate your knowledge of National MFT exam topics from the 5 MFT content domains
  • Contains 200 unique MFT-style questions not found in any other program
Domain Quizzes
  • 5 quizzes that correspond to the 5 domains of the Study Volumes
  • 20–60 unique questions per Domain Quiz not found in any other program
  • Take a Domain Quiz after reading a chapter or at the beginning of your next study session
Final Exam
  • The final step in your TestMASTER experience - take at the end of your studies before you sit for the exam
  • A full-length exam consisting of 200 questions drawn from our pool of TestMASTER questions*
  • Contains the most difficult and statistically most missed questions
  • Closely simulates your exam experience to prepare you for the big day

*Some questions may be repeated from TestMASTER Practice Exams, but are considered very important to your studies and, therefore, are included in the Final Exam.

  • 90-day online program access: $225
  • 30-day online program access: $175
  • Extensions begin at $90

If you would like advice or need guidance on what fits your needs, please call our sales department for easy ordering with a helpful agent at (800) 472-1931.

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