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About the AMFTRB Exam

"The examination consists of objective multiple-choice questions covering knowledge essential to the professional practice of marital and family therapy. Each form of the examination contains 200 items and is constructed according to the test specifications. All items are counted in computing the candidates score. Each item has four alternative answers, only one of which is correct. Candidates are allowed four hours to complete the examination."

Taken from the AMFTRB Handbook. For more information, visit the AMFTRB website.

The AATBS MFT program covers the same range of topics that appear on the licensing examination and provides exam questions that parallel the structure and content of the exam.

The examination consists of 200 questions that have been constructed according to test specifications. Each question is a multiple choice question, with four alternative answers and one correct answer.

The Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Board (AMFTRB) is responsible for the administration of the MFT licensing examinations.

The practice domains for the MFT exam are as follows:

Domain 01: The Practice of Systemic Therapy (23%)
Tasks related to incorporating systemic theory and perspectives into practice activities, and establishing and maintaining ongoing therapeutic relationships with the client system.

Domain 02: Assessing, Hypothesizing, and Diagnosing (16%)
Tasks related to incorporating systemic theory and perspectives into practice activities, and establishing and maintaining ongoing therapeutic relationships with the client system.

Domain 03: Designing and Conducting Treatment (23%)
This domain encompasses tasks related to developing and implementing interventions within the client system.

Domain 04: Evaluating Ongoing Process and Terminating Treatment (13%)
This domain encompasses tasks related to continuously evaluating the therapeutic process and incorporating feedback into the course of treatment, as well as planning for termination.

Domain 05: Managing Crisis Situations (10%)
Tasks related to assessing and managing emergency situations, and intervening when clinically indicated and/or legally mandated.

Domain 06: Maintaining Ethical, Legal, and Professional Standards (15%)
Tasks related to ongoing adherence to legal and ethical codes and treatment agreements, maintaining competency in the field, and professionalism.

The examination is administered over 4 hours on a computer.

You should review the practice exams throughout the study process, from the beginning stages until just before the actual exam. The practice exams will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, refine your understanding of the topics, and enhance your test-taking skills. We strongly encourage participants to study all of the questions in the practice exams multiple times because they are the most exam-specific information in the study materials.

While the AATBS practice exams are a very helpful resource in preparing you for the licensing examination, you should also study supplemental material to review the important concepts from each of the practice domains.

Note-taking (e.g., flashcards, summary tables) can be a very important part of your study process. Because there is so much information to retain during your studies, you will need some strategy for synthesizing and organizing all the information.

The best way to develop your test-taking skills is to review as many practice questions as possible in our study materials. We provide a detailed explanation following each question, which will help you learn from your mistakes. In addition, we provide specific test-taking strategies for analyzing the most difficult questions such as translating the wording into simpler language, eliminating poor choices, identifying trick questions, and so on.

AATBS has been successfully preparing candidates for licensure for over 40 years. We have many tools to assist you in your preparation. They include:

  • Comprehensive Study Volumes
  • Online practice exams with rationales for each question
  • Live workshops: Exam Preparation; Exam Strategies and Content Review; Small Group Coaching
  • Color-coded flashcards
  • Educational consultation

The most important reason to attend our workshop is simply because it will increase your test-taking performance and ability to pass the MFT exam. Our instructors have many years of experience in teaching candidates to pass the exam.

AATBS’s success rate on the MFT exam is due to the quality and variety of study resources that our staff of experts—researchers, writers, instructors, and consultants—have created to assist you in your preparation. This cannot be matched by any of our competitors, which means we can tailor an individualized study program to meet your particular needs.

Please contact us at (800) 472-1931 with any questions. A customer service representative or educational consultant will be available to help you.


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