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Practice with five full-length online exams for 1000+ practice questions and sharpen your test-taking skills.

Exam Strategies and Content Review Webinar


Our live online webinar series with expert instructor Kaynor Heineck, MS, is designed to help you stay motivated and focused while preparing for the National MFT exam.

Comprehensive Study Volumes


Two Comprehensive Study Volumes provide a concise but thorough review of the terms, concepts, theories, and research addressed by the AMFTRB Examination.

"I don't think I could have passed without AATBS! I found they were very thorough and more user friendly. When I took the exam, I felt AATBS over prepared me."
Christina Irizarry, LMFT

"I know that it was your program that got me to pass the test the second time. The information that you covered was right in line with what was on the test."
Dr. Sharon D. Forrest, EdD, MBA

"The information you provided helped solidify my knowledge and was the determining factor in my passing the exam, I believe. Thank you so much!"
Erica Paterson, MA, MFT

"The study guides were helpful but if I had to choose only one component I would say that the quizzes and mock exams are indispensable! Most of my study time was spent on those and I'm thrilled to say that I passed both exams the first time."
Pamela Barron-Peña, LMFT

"I took the 4 week workshop with Kaynor, and she helped me so much. The workshop helped me focus on my test taking strategies rather than worrying about what I didn't remember from school.I recommend AATBS to every MFT"
Robin Friesen-Holwell, MS, MFTC


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Our National MFT Licensing Exam Study Materials

Materials precisely designed for passing the National MFT Exam. Written by the most experienced professionals in the MFT field. Online Mock Exams, Live Workshops, Comprehensive Study Volumes, and Coaching make passing as simple and efficient as possible.

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AATBS has conveniently packaged the best study options to provide you with what you need to pass your exam.

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Our online exams provide opportunities to practice applying your knowledge to exam-like questions and to sharpen your test-taking skills.

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Contain the most current and up-to-date content are written by the experienced professionals in the MFT field.

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