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I utilized the AATBS system for the counseling comps exam and the NCE. The test master helped me with familiarity of how the test questions are formulated and what to look for in the body of the questions. The study material was a comprehensive review of what I needed to study for the exams. It was a perfect combination for preparation for the actual exams. I not only passed the exam by the needed score, but well exceeded the required score and my own expectations. I highly recommend this program to those persons preparing for the comps and the NCE exams. Thank you AATBS for putting together a comprehensive study program that proved to be highly effective for my study efforts.

Jan Wares

I am sending this message to thank your organization for providing helpful exam preparation materials. I purchased your CPCE and NCE exam package and took the exams periodically to assess my progress. The instant scores and feedback on my problem areas were wonderful! I cannot thank you enough. By the way, I ended up passing both exams by a significant margin. I do not believe this would have been possible without AATBS.


I just wanted to let you know that I studied very intensely for a few months. My exam was today. Two or three weeks ago I stumbled upon your website and I am so glad I did! I bought the exams from your site and was in tears after my first attempt to take it. I realized how poorly prepared I was. I didn't expect the questions to be worded the way they are. Little by little, although having very little time left, I took those tests one by one and got familiar with the format. The format was exactly the same on the real test! The passing score was 88 and my score was 117. I really owe you a big thanks!

Sabina Mujanovic

Just wanted to let you know I passed both the NCE and NCMHCE exams! Thanks to AATBS, I was able to pass my exams the first time. I am so grateful for the preparation I received from AATBS. I could not have done it without you!

I appreciate all your organization was able to do for me to prepare me for the exams. Thank you so much!!

Brent KetringLPC-MHSP

Just wanted to let you know that I passed and have completed all of my LPC internship hours. Your program was vital to my success & I have recommended it to several LPC-hopefuls! Thanks again!

Elizabeth Shott

Thank you AATBS!! The NCE was made easy due to your study materials!!! Your test taking strategies will follow me throughout life.

Rasheda TerryLPC

Just took my NCE exam and passed with flying colors. Your study material rocks! I was very prepared. Thank you so much.

Paul Goldman

Just wanted to say, "I passed the NCE!" Thank you so much for your materials, your study program worked. Having the flash cards, the books, and the online exams really helped in preparing for this exam. I'm thinking of purchasing the NCMHCE.

Willette Carlyle

I passed the NCE!!!!! On the first try! It had a lot to do with your study guides and especially the TestMaster, so thank you!!!

Cortney Doescher-Hino

I recieved my NCE results last night - 142/160 - the min score was 89, Mean 106, SD 17.9. Your encouragement and the excellent study program made a signifiant and positive difference in preparing for this comprehnesive test.

Thanks You!

Heather Hamilton

Thank you for your thoughts. I took the NCE today and passed!!! It was a great feeling. I followed AATBS directions and will recommend this study package to others I know that are preparing. Thank you for your prompt answers I had throughout this process. I scored 115...the passing score was 91!

Solana Varner

I just wanted to write to you to THANK YOU for helping me pass my NCE exam today! Thank you so much for offering a site that was so easy to navigate and understand. Your sample questions, method of studying, and guidance led me to score significantly higher than I could have imagined. Please know that if there is anyone else attempting this exam, I will surely refer them to you as this has been the best place for me study!

I am truly thankful to each of you at AATBS for working as hard as you do to help us older folks excel in our fields when our attempts in the past have failed. Many, many blessings of abundance to all of you. A special thank you to Dr Frankel who helped me through a few study questions I had. She took time to answer my concerns very quickly and with great support.


Christine MrazikLPC

Hi my name is Camille and I wanted to let you guys know I passed my exam. The material was helpful and very easy to understand and helped me get ready for actual test. Thank you.

Camille Jenkins


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