Product Catalog

NCE Product Catalog

Listed below are all items available for purchase within this licensure.

Study Packages Price Purchase Item
NCE Material Package $325.00 Learn More
NCE Package with Workshop $445.00 Learn More
Online Programs    
TestMASTER $225.00 Learn More
Assessment Exam $99.00 Learn More
Online Flashcards $95.00 Learn More
Study Materials & Support    
Comprehensive Study Volumes $175.00 Learn More
Color-Coded Flashcards $95.00 Learn More
DSM-5 Fast-Flip Reference Cards $150.00 Learn More
DSM-5/DSM-IV-TR Comparison Table $120.00 Learn More
DSM-5 Transition Combo Pack $175.00 Learn More
Theories of Psychotherapy Chart $24.99 Learn More
The Workbook for Test Success $25.00 Learn More
One-on-One Coaching with an Exam Expert $150.00 Learn More
Free Strategies Workshop $0.00 Learn More
Counseling Exam Strategies and Concepts Workshop $245.00 Learn More
Test-Taking Bootcamp $195.00 Learn More
Theories of Psychotherapy Workshop $195.00 Learn More
DSM-5 Review Workshop $99.00 Learn More
Private Practice    
Private Practice Tool Kit $349.00 Learn More
Private Practice Manual $29.95 Learn More


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