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Mock Exams

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Practice with five full-length online exams for 1000+ practice questions and sharpen your test-taking skills.

Exam Strategies and Content Review Webinar


Our live online webinar series with expert instructor Holly Walrod-Whitehurst, MA, is designed to decipher exam questions and advanced test-taking strategies for analyzing the most difficult questions on the NCE.

Comprehensive Study Volumes


These Comprehensive Study Volumes provide a concise but thorough review of the terms, concepts, theories, and research addressed by the NCE. The two volumes include current and essential materials for all eight content domains covered by the exam.

"TestMASTER helped me with familiarity of how the test questions are formulated and what to look for in the body of the questions. The study material was a comprehensive review of what I needed to study for the exams. It was a perfect combination for preparation for the actual exams."
Jan Wares

"The instant scores and feedback on my problem areas were wonderful! I cannot thank you enough. I ended up passing both exams by a significant margin."

"Just wanted to let you know I passed both the NCE and NCMHCE exams! Thanks to AATBS, I was able to pass my exams the first time. I am so grateful for the preparation I received from AATBS."
Brent Ketring

"Just wanted to let you know that I passed and have completed all of my LPC internship hours. Your program was vital to my success & I have recommended it to several LPC-hopefuls!"
Elizabeth Shott

"Thank you AATBS! The NCE was made easy due to your study materials! Your test taking strategies will follow me throughout life."
Rasheda Terry, LPC

"Just took my NCE exam and passed with flying colors. Your study material rocks! I was very prepared."
Paul Goldman

"Thank you so much for your materials, your study program worked. Having the flash cards, the books, and the online exams really helped in preparing for this exam."
Willette Carlyle

"Your encouragement and the excellent study program made a signifiant and positive difference in preparing for this comprehensive test."
Heather Hamilton


Updated Materials

You'll always be studying the current version of the exam.


Don't study alone. Our coaches are here to help guide you through your exam preparation.

Pass Guarantee

Ensure success with an AATBS Pass Guarantee so you can study risk-free.

Our National Counseling Exam Licensing Exam Study Materials

Materials precisely designed for passing the National Counseling Exam. Written by the most experienced professionals in the counseling field. Online Mock Exams, Live Workshops, Comprehensive Study Volumes, and Coaching make passing as simple and efficient as possible.

Study Packages

AATBS has conveniently packaged the best study options to provide you with what you need to pass your exam.

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Online Programs

Our online exams provide opportunities to practice applying your knowledge to exam-like questions and to sharpen your test-taking skills.

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Study Materials

Contain the most current and up-to-date content are written by the experienced professionals in the counseling field.

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Begin or conclude your NCE study plan with a proven, effective workshop.

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Pass Guarantee

For decades we have been crafting a tried and true study plan.

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