Renee St. Jacques, PsyD

Renee St. Jacques

Renee St. Jacques, PsyD

EPPP Coach

Dr. Renee St. Jacques brings to AATBS a unique blend of corporate experience and human behavior expertise. A licensed psychologist, Renee strives to build a supportive, trustworthy relationship with each person she coaches. Her 13 years of experience with business marketing and product management give her the drive for excellence and results while her extensive doctoral training in psychology offers her the intuition and expertise to customize her coaching to each client’s own strengths and challenges.

Renee attributes her personal success with passing the EPPP in her first take to the coaching she received from an AATBS exam coach. Fueled by this positive experience, she is passionate about helping her colleagues experience the same thing. Renee believes that her clients get the most value out of coaching when they feel safe enough to be their true selves. She creates a judgment-free safe haven while being results-oriented, driven to help those she coaches reach their full potential.

Renee earned a Doctorate in Psychology and Counseling, as well as a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology, from Northwest University in Washington state. She also runs a private practice, teaches as an adjunct professor, coaches managers and executives, and consults for non-profits and corporations.

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