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I just wanted to thank AATBS for great study materials. I took the EPPP for the first time last Friday and passed with flying colors. YAY!

Cathy Lynn StatonPhD

Materials were very user friendly. The study aids at the end of the content areas were very helpful, especially focusing on key concepts. The Statistics & Test Construction Workshop was a great way to apply or refine knowledge gained from the reading material.

Blerta Isak

This [Live 4-Day EPPP] workshop was worth every penny - I am walking out of here feeling much more confident, relaxed, & hopeful about this process. Thank you for making this journey so manageable by really breaking it down.


Workshop was excellent. So helpful and so worth the trip. Instructors were brilliant and well informed.

Morgan BisseggerMC (4-Day Live EPPP Workshop)

Fantastic workshop! Would highly recommend to others! So impressed with AATBS after this experience.

Kimberly DorsettPhD (4-Day Live EPPP Workshop)

The [4-Day] Workshop help[ed] me to identify where I need to apply myself more. I've adjusted my study plan! I got more than expected - I liked the discussions on applying the knowledge. The instructors spoke with students, even during the breaks. All parts [of the workshop] were useful. I'm glad I came.

A. HectorLMHC Correctional Facility, Clinical Psych Training

I originally purchased the full AATBS program December 2015 and I believe that I was in the pre-contemplation stage of studying for licensure. I was also told by several colleagues who successfully passed (and used your program) to read all of the books before taking the first initial exam but I didn't listen. After taking the first exam and receiving a score of 37, I knew I had to really "step up" my studying skills and dedication to the EPPP if I wanted to be successful. Thus, I started to read all of the books and simultaneously take tests and quizzes. After about 4 tests (and reviewing each one meticulously), I started to notice a trend and why my scores were not increasing which is VERY important to the EPPP. It was simply because I was not applying the material and using test taking strategies that you all suggested while reviewing the answers. I was just interested in knowing the "correct" answer to memorize and move on. In addition, my "test anxiety" started interfering, thus I really had to address this via thought-stopping techniques, working out, and deep-breathing. Although I never scored a 70 of higher on your tests on the first attempt, I took them at least 3 times before sitting for the exam. I also took the PEPPP about 9 days before the exam which underestimated my score significantly and crushed my spirit. But, I am saying all this to say that your program has been so AMAZING and prepared me for the real exam. I am truly glad that I invested my heart, mind, and hard-earned money for the past 4-5 months on your company to prepare for the exam . From the consultations with Alden, speaking with Scott (AATBS CEO), and Kevin extending my package for 5 days to get through my test date, I cannot thank you enough! Last but not least, I want you to know that I am affiliated with the military and that at least 10 of my colleagues (and their colleagues ) have used the program since 2016 January and passed including me! Oh! My colleague who was using another company, switched to AATBS two months before her actual exam, took all 8 exams, and passed with a 720! Once again, "Thank You!"

Jasmin S. SearcyPhD

I recently passed the EPPP with a 586. Unfortunately this was the second time I had to take the exam. I took it five weeks previously and I used the Taylor Study Method which did not provide as detailed and as abstract an approach as AATBS. I was studying for hours on end and still did not feel ready. When I failed, I was at a loss at what to do and the Taylor Study method consultants told me to just keep reading the information, which I knew that I did not need. I knew the information I just did not know how to tackle the abstract nature of the EPPP. After a couple days, I decided to call AATBS. When I spoke with the consultant, he seemed to know exactly what I needed and told me to take the practice tests and focus more on specific topics that I have trouble with rather than re-reading everything over and over again. I then received hope that this method would work for me. I started the program and I took practice test after practice test while reviewing EVERY single question alongside the book. What really helped me was tying the questions/answers in with the context that was in the books, which is what the consultant had reinforced. The consultant seemed to understand what I needed and how I should prepare as opposed to telling me to just use a general approach. The approach of blending the two really made me confident that I would pass the second time. This format was structured and when my scores got to 75 and above, I really felt that I was more than ready to take the EPPP, and what is funny is that I actually studied less hours the second time but was more focused when I did because of the structured approach. The score I received on the EPPP was higher than any of my practice test scores which confirms that this approach does work. Saying that I am grateful for AATBS would be an understatement. They really take into account how hard the EPPP is and they do their best to make their exams harder so that you will be well prepared on the day off, even if you have test anxiety, as I did. This program literally saved me and I can only hope that others who take this test use this program and do not make the same mistake that I did the first time.

Participant wishes to remain anonymous

I now understand why I failed the exam and my colleagues - who all went to the training - passed it.

Both presenters were amazing. Dr. Ellen Stein helped me to understand stats, test const[ruction], and I/O in a way I really didn't think I could. I really believed there was no hope for me ever understanding Stats or Test Construction concepts. This is nothing short of miraculous I assure you. Also, her presentation manner really helped me sustain attention and was surprisingly enjoyable.

Dr. Stein is a world-class presenter - she knows the subjects masterfully, but also is able to convey it in an understandable manner. She includes stories and vignettes for more abstract thinkers (as myself) that offers myriad approaches to understanding ....

Dr. Gerard Chambers...distilled the information into the most relevant and salient pieces and imbedded throughout the two days strategies, techniques, and observations he has made about how to best prepare and study. Dr. Chambers worked through lunch and his concern for our mastery of content information was evident and appreciated. He worked so hard to answer all our questions and provide as many strategies possible to ensure our success on the exam.

With regards to the two presenters - my expectations were outdone.

I wish someone had said to me - a long time ago - to start with the workshop - because it's the best anchor for orienting yourself to this material and then building from [it] ...

This workshop will undoubtedly be the missing piece needed to pass this...exam. Your company is doing an outstanding job providing an invaluable service. It could not have been done better.

Emilia 'Mimi' RamirezPhD
(Comprehensive EPPP Overview Workshop, San Francisco)

The [4-Day Workshop] instructors were knowledgeable, test-specific, and kept the lectures entertaining with applicable anecdotes and humor. They were wonderful.

Andrea LampertSchool Psychologist

The [4-Day] workshop was great in that it covered all relevant material. The instructors were excellent and responsive to the students.

Sharon SutherlandPhD

Back in 2011, I spent some months studying for the EPPP exam...When I got the results of the EPPP I was horrified. I decided in 2012 that I would spend a thousand dollars on a competitor...in the end, I did not feel confident enough to pass the EPPP. Then I found AATBS. I read some students' postings about how no nonsense and thorough AATBS was. I began to see right away that, with the combination of textbooks, quizzes and fully comprehensive PhD level practice tests, that I had a chance with the EPPP. The questions gave me a feel for the EPPP like no material had before. The manuals that were provided gave me a no frills and disciplined view of the basic concepts I needed to pass the EPPP. Today I went to the site to take the test and performed like a pro. I got 76% on the EPPP for a total of 520 points. I owe that confidence to AATBS. I ran with AATBS and I won. Thanks AATBS! You made my day and my year!

Charles Peckham

Thank you so much for preparing me so well for the licensing exams. I just got my letter from the California Board of Psychology and now am licensed as a psychologist. I could not have done it without AATBS.

Kathleen SlijepcevicPsyD

I previously sutdied with less helpful prep course, and this course was 100% awesome. I do feel more prepared having come here [to the workshop]. I appreciated the positive affirmation I received from the speakers when discussing personal prepatory concerns."

Melissa Stromberger

I wanted to send you both [Dr. Fox and Dr. Stein] a quick note to thank you for all your help during the EPPP four day workshop a month ago in Dallas. The workshop was a great aid -- and you both were brilliant.

Both my friend and myself attended and were both really appreciative of your teaching styles, energy, and knowledge. I wanted to let you know that we both passed and are both absolutely thrilled -- and relieved I might add. I have plenty of good things to say about the professors and the invaluable materials. It's the best money spent in some time!

Madeline Rex-LearPhD

[The 4-Day Workshop] not only met my learning needs, it surpassed it by going beyond the teaching, such as ideas of how to study, learn. This was advised by the AATBS staff, and it was worth it. Everyone should take this workshop before taking the test.

Erik X. AlonsonPsyD

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me pass the EPPP and CPSE with flying colors. I am truly grateful for the help AATBS provided me. Most of all, I wanted to thank the consultants who guided me through the entire process and encouraged me as well as believed in my abilities to pass these two challenging exams. Thank you so much.

Nancy G.PsyD

Testimonial sent from Dr. Holcomb after attending Michael Kerner and Ellen Stein's 4-Day Workshop:

Michael & Ellen,

I recently attended your workshop up in Seattle and wanted to tell you THANK YOU!!! I just received my (passing) score from pro-exam. The workshop was invaluable and am so very grateful for the knowledge you so graciously, and generously, shared! Now, I'm ready to take on the CPSE--of course, with AATBS!

All the best,

Madeline Rex-LearPhD

Tremendous gratitude is what I feel for you, Dr. Janis and so many more of your staff after just learning I passed the EPPP on my first attempt.

The materials are professional, thoughtful, and painstakingly accurate in the massive amount of information to be mastered for this challenging exam.

Suggestions from many of your staff, and a thorough understanding of what it takes to successfully pass the EPPP were invaluable and referred to many times during the final months when I intensified my study as the exam drew near.

AATBS was recommended to me by my clinical supervisor as being "the best" program available. I am so grateful to have been steered in the best direction to prepare for a very difficult licensing exam.

With sincere thanks,

Madeline Rex-LearPhD

Tremendous gratitude is what I feel for you, Dr. Janis and so many more of your staff after just learning I passed the EPPP on my first attempt.

The materials are professional, thoughtful, and painstakingly accurate in the massive amount of information to be mastered for this challenging exam.

Suggestions from many of your staff, and a thorough understanding of what it takes to successfully pass the EPPP were invaluable and referred to many times during the final months when I intensified my study as the exam drew near.

AATBS was recommended to me by my clinical supervisor as being "the best" program available. I am so grateful to have been steered in the best direction to prepare for a very difficult licensing exam.

With sincere thanks,

Madeline Rex-LearPhD

I just found out I PASSED! This has been a very challenging process for me and after taking the AATBS 4-day workshop I DID IT!!! I would highly recommend this program!

Thank you!

D. LopezPsyD

While prepping for my EPPP exam, I found the multiple practice exams, done in both practice mode and exam mode, both with explanations, to be extremely helpful and important in my exam prep. The questions are tricky, never having a "right answer" and taking the exams over and over and over (and over) helped me to learn how the questions are worded and what it is thats being asked.

I have passed my exam and am up and running in private practice thanks to AATBS study materials!

Jason OppenheimPsyD

I initially participated in the AATBS In-Person Workshop that was extremely helpful in assisting me to target the specific areas for study. The workshop presentations and materials provided were very efficient and useful. After the workshops, I ordered the AATBS Platinum study program. The Platinum study materials were excellent! I read the text materials regularly. I used the flashcards and carried them around with me everywhere I went - even if I had a few minutes to review through the day. I loved the CDs. The material covered on the CDs made it easy to follow, easy to use, and very effective. I listened to the audio material at least everyday in the car, on my iPod, and even while exercising! After I felt comfortable with the majority of the materials, I used the online practice and sample exams. The most difficult, but most helpful piece after I had been exposed and mastered quite a bit of the AATBS review materials, the sample questions and practice exams on-line assisted me in learning how to test and respond at a fast pace so that I could complete and pass the actual exam. I DID Pass!

I am very grateful for the AATBs study materials!! AATBS is an outstanding company and study program!

Thank you!

Carolyn S. RyanPhD, Lic., BCBA-D

I passed the EPPP on my first attempt (score = 702), and I found the AATBS study materials to be extremely helpful. What I found especially helpful was the diversity of materials; it helped to supplement the study volumes with the audio CD's & flashcards. But what was most helpful of all was TestMaster. I tried to average a test a week, and the content and format of the practice tests were invaluable in my preparation. I actually found the TestMaster exams to be more difficult than the EPPP, and consequently I was over prepared for the test. I HIGHLY recommend AATBS for anyone preparing for professional licensure in the behavioral sciences.

William BeverlyPhD

Testimonial sent from Sendy after she received her letter stating she passed with a score of 711:

I would like to commend you on the quality of the materials AATBS provides. All of the study volumes covered the content areas in a comprehensive, yet easy to digest manner. My stress and worry were minimized just by having your products during my study process and I have recommended AATBS to everyone who is preparing for the EPPP. Thank you!

Sendy ElsayedPsyD

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for providing the best materials in preparation for the EPPP. I stuck with the program even though I felt like crying at times! The AATBS materials definitely prepared me enough for the EPPP and I can confidently say the practice questions were the most helpful. Now that I have passed the EPPP, everyone is asking me what materials I used, and I am telling everyone to use AATBS. Thank you again!!

Shawna M. BaronPsyD

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your assistance. It has taken me a long time, but I finally passed the EPPP recently on January 13, 2014. I will never forget that date! I specifically want thank the lady I called who was one of the "experts" at AATBS who gave me sound advice and granted me additional time on the web practice exams which helped increase my EPPP score. I am glad it is over! Now on to the oral exams!


I want to thank you immensely for your program. I passed both the EPPP and CPSE on the first take and largely owe it to your respective EPPP and CPSE study-prep packages and weekend workshops. Like so many professionals, I was worried about this phase in my career development and hoped that if I fulfilled my side of the bargain by studying diligently, AATBS would provide me a reasonable and comprehensible path to getting through this. Simply put, it worked; I'm in tremendous appreciation of your company. I want to specifically thank your curriculum organizers and writers for explaining the content and concepts in an entirely accessible fashion. I would also like to voice my enthusiastic endorsement of Dr. Michael Kerner and his teaching prowess. You are lucky to have him and your customers are lucky to have all of you @ AATBS helping them get through a very tough process.


Matthew MetzgerPhD

I thought the TestMASTER tests were the most helpful, and the test questions seemed to be much harder than the actual EPPP. On the TestMASTER tests I was scoring 70%+ but on the EPPP I scored 95%!!

Peter LewisPsyD

Thanks so much AATBS! I passed the EPPP on my first try!!! Keep up the good work!

Susan EnckPhD

Comments after taking Michael Kerner and Ellen Stein's EPPP Workshop in Dallas, TX:

Dear Dr. Frankel-

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and everyone at AATBS, including the great professors at the 4 day workshop, for helping me pass the EPPP! I am so relieved, elated, excited, & thrilled to be done with this stinking test! With using AATBS materials, taking the workshop and doing TestMASTER like a demon I improved my score more than 100 points! I had a 497 before and got a 605 this time. Awesome! And a personal thank you to you for always taking the time to talk to me and help me through this difficult process. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!


Nesli ChandlerPhD

Comments after taking Michael Kerner's EPPP Workshop in San Francisco:

Mike is superb! Warm, enthusiastic, engaging, great sense of humor, knowledgeable. Love his stories from his clinical experience. Wonderful! Excellent! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone – he is one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors – makes the materials so interesting! I would love to take more of his workshops.

Phyllis ChenPsyD, CSPP

I just wanted you to know that the four-day [EPPP] workshop was excellent! Both of the instructors [Lynn Surrey and Michael Kerner] were extremely knowledgeable about the topics and they were two of the best presenters I've ever seen. The workshop was presented in such a way that it did not feel like an examination prep but an informative overview of the field. Both presenters were animated and engaging, which helped facilitate the learning process. I would recommend this seminar not only to people studying for the examination but as a good overview of the field of psychology.

David KalisPhD

I just wanted to share with you and AATBS my exciting news! I just learned that I passed the EPPP with a scaled score of 634. I can't begin to thank you all for the materials, support and guidance you have provided. I relied almost exclusively on your materials, and studied until I consistently scored above 70% on the practice exams. I attended a workshop last year, which was terrific, and the 2-day online statistics course was a tremendous help.

If it's helpful to anyone in their preparation, I would add that I was absolutely, positively certain that I had failed as I left the testing site. So glad I was wrong.

Sherry S. PearlsteinPhD

I would simply like to thank you for putting together the materials, practice tests, and seminar that helped me pass the test with flying colors. I credit your materials primarily for my passing the EPPP on February 29th. I recommend your system to anyone who asks me what path they should take to completing their own preparations. I also recommend your materials for all other professions that you have listed as I'm sure they are every bit as comprehensive and useful. I found your office staff to be friendly, helpful, and they took extra steps to work within my budget without pressuring me to purchase more. Your seminar was engaging, humorous, and professionally done. So, again, thank you and your staff for your work as it was absolutely central to my completing a life long dream.

Matthew William HefferonPsyD

Thanks for your enthusiasm and for your congratulatory energy.

I found the part of the workshop that referred to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs to be most beneficial along with your empahsis on the basic needs over other more clinically related needs of the client. I also was someone who studied alone and as a result found the practice opportunities and group discussions to be very helpful. Hearing the rationale behind why other people chose the answers they chose helped me broaden my scope in some situations and in others emphasized what I knew to be correct, based on my gut, and increased my confidence.

Thank you again for the valuable insight given just days before my exam. I would have written sooner, but I had a flight out to Fiji the following morning post exam. I just returned this week.

I started off enjoying my new licensure status in the best of ways in Fiji and know the spirit of joy/bliss will remain for a while longer.


My name is Matthew M. Williams. I have been studying for the EPPP since December 2010. I struggled trying to find my way and sift through all of the information alone. In April 2011 I finally realized that my sense of aimless wandering through stacks of psychology texts was not the way to go to ensure success, so I contacted AATBS and purchased the platinum package. I attended the seminar in early June in Dallas, TX. I completed every examination in Testmaster, and I thoroughly studied the written material. On the Testmaster Final Examination, I scored 90%. I was a bit apprehensive about the Final examination outcome because I was not sure if I had memorized Testmaster questions or material, a potentially devastating distinction.

On July 30, 2011, I took the EPPP for the first time, and I passed with a score of 644 or 90%. I was shocked. I owe a great deal of credit in assisting me to narrow my studies and learn the information to AATBS. I normally don’t write emails like this, but I have to let you know that passing the examination means so much to me and my family, and I really believe that if I had gone it alone I would not have been successful.

Matthew M. WilliamsPhD

I have used AATBS for all my licensing requirements. The preparations for the EPPP and CPSE exams were outstanding and relevant to the material being tested. The workshops and consultation with Dr. Frankel were an invaluable part of the training. AATBS staff was knowledgable, professional and extremely supportive in my times of ambivalence and anxiety. I felt they truly care about my success and were not just representing a training program. I will continue to use AATBS for my post-license educational requirements and future certifications.

Special thanks to Sara Holly for her support and encouragement throughout this process. My deep gratitude to Ms. Holly for always returning my calls promptly; for answering all of my questions professionally and kindly, including those questions that she had already answered in previous calls; and for her encouragement when I did not pass the EPPP the first time. Ms. Holly's guidance truly made a difference in my training. Thank you!

Ada MorrowPsyD

I just wanted to leave feedback about my experience using your products in preparation for the EPPP. I used the content chapters, the audio CDs and the TestMASTER/TestPRO exams. I studied on and off all during the summer, and studied intensely (8 or so hours per day, 4-5 days per week) for about 3-4 weeks leading up to the exam. I felt prepared going into the exam and incredibly confident during the exam. I passed the exam on the first try. The content in the study chapters was incredibly relevant to the actual exam questions, and the practice tests and tips on how to answer were incredibly helpful in preparing me for actual exam questions. Many of the actual exam questions were very similar to practice test questions. I can say that I utilized ONLY the above listed AATBS study materials in preparation for the exam, and was able to pass successfully with a pretty good score. Thank you very much for your materials. I hope this testimonial helps, and I will continue to tell my friends/colleagues/students to utilize AATBS materials.

Mikell R. AllenPsyD

Thanks for your help in the preparation process leading up to the EPPP Exam. I passed with flying colors! The combination of the reading materials, CD's, and on-line practice exams allowed me to walk into the exam feeling confident. The odd thing was, the questions were still very challenging and the fact that there is a time constraint made it essential to be able to recognize and/or recall information and make a decision rather quickly. Sometimes that wasn't easy. However, I was able to fall back on the knowledge I had accumulated through the AATBS preparation process and managed the exam with great success. I'm not a youngster; I'm 60 years old, plus the testing center provided an environment that was not distraction-free. It goes without saying that I'm very pleased with the results and credit AATBS's multi-modal approach to studying and my hard work with the positive results. You simply cannot pass the EPPP without the proper perparation. Period.

Bill IvoryPhD

I'M OFFICIAL! My license # was posted yesterday a.m. on the BOP website. I'm finally a licensed psychologist...For REAL! Thanks so much for everything. I can't begin to thank AATBS, really. What a super rewarding licensing experience. Even when it was so hard I thought I wouldn't make it. You really pulled me through...in so many ways. I'd love to continue to support AATBS, so besides giving referrals, please let me know how else I can help!

Nicole DowneyPsyD

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent programs, which amply prepared me for both the EPPP and the CPSE, which I passed on Saturday. As they say, I couldn't have done it without you.

Laura FannonPsyD

The Test Master Exams and the two Final Exams were of the greatest help to me, followed by error-tracking (i.e., finding the correct answers and determining how/why I answered incorrectly). Based on error-tracking, I then revisited and carefully reviewed the respective content in the volumes to more thoroughly understand the material, not just memorize terms.

Susan Lindstrom

Kudos to AATBS! When I first started studying, I used a host of materials and felt like I was all over the place. I finally focused solely on my AATBS material and followed the curriculum. I am elated that I passed ... the first time.

Ebony ConeyPsyD

I am pleased to share information about passing my EPPP exam.

I purchased AATBS Gold Package and used every bit of it for my studies and exam preparation. I had taken the EPPP 2x prior to passing. The first 2x times I used a competitors study program and found it not to be comprehensive enough to provide the necessary information in order for me to pass. There were other extenuating circumstances that too affected my score. The third time, using the AATBS materials including the 4-day workshop, written and audio material, online section and domain quizzes and TestMASTER, hypnosis test-taking for exam readiness, as well as consulting services, I passed. I followed the study schedule recommendations and incorporated the consultant's (Melissa) analysis of my TestMASTER scores to focus on learning content to enhance my database of knowledge (versus retaking practice tests). I found the Statistics & Test Construction Webinar the least helpful when weighing time invested (4 hours) versus knowledge gained (though it was professionally presented).

I felt "calm, comfortable, and confident" when I entered the testing site and sat for the EPPP the third time. In fairness, the first 2x times studying for and taking the EPPP contributed to my passing on the third attempt.


I want to thank your company for the wonderful EPPP study materials. When I began my prep, I purchased the most comprehensive and expensive package you had to offer. Well, it was worth every penny!! Today, our partnership paid off and I passed with a 645 score!

A million thanks.

Linda HooverPsyD

I passed my exam on August 1st with a 692. I felt the study materials and testmaster program prepared me well in terms of learning a huge amount of material and also learning how to reason through questions even when content isn't familiar. Also the consultant I spoke with was really helpful in making me feel confident prior to my exam.

Kathleen Smith

Wanted to advise that I took the EPPP in late December and I passed the exam on the first try.

What worked for me was taking the sample exams over multiple times and making note cards for the items for which I was having trouble, reviewing this material and then integrating this information to memory and use. I did participate in the live seminar in February 2017 (Miami) and found this very helpful, especially the notes which were provided during the seminar.

Joseph G. PotaczekPsyD



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