Digital Audio Lectures

Our Digital Audio Lectures are like having your own private lectures wherever you go!

Incorporate another method (listening to audio) to enhance your understanding of significant concepts and theories, while alleviating the repetitiveness of studying from books. Maximize your study time by studying during times when reading from a book isn't convenient (e.g., while exercising, commuting to work). And listen to example questions that demonstrate the application of the content knowledge and the effectiveness of test-taking strategies.

Access to the Content Summary Digital Library is included in our Premium, Pro, and Essential EPPP Study Packages

The Lectures offer an audio (MP3) review of each of the content areas addressed by the EPPP:
  • Ethics and Professional Issues
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Lifespan Development
  • Learning Theory / Behavioral Therapies
  • Physiological Psychology / Psychopharmacology
  • Industrial / Organizational Psychology
  • Statistics and Research Design
  • Test Construction
  • Social Psychology
  • Psychological Assessment

Exam Readiness Lectures are offered in MP3 format and can be streamed or downloaded using any compatible device.

After purchasing the Digital Audio Lectures, you will receive emailed instructions to our Online Program Portal. You can access the audio files anytime through our Online Program.

If you would like advice or need guidance on what fits your exam prep needs, please call our sales department for easy ordering with a helpful agent at (800) 472-1931.

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