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The Exam Strategies Package includes an Exam Strategies Book and Three Readiness Lectures.

The Exam Strategies Book presents the U-PASS method, which integrates effective study and test-taking strategies with techniques designed to help you maintain constructive attitudes, emotions, and beliefs. Each section of the Strategies Book addresses a different element of the U-PASS method.

Our Lectures offer additional study tips and recommendations for maintaining motivation and controlling anxiety levels. Read the Strategies Book and then listen to the Readiness Lectures as a first step in preparing for the EPPP!

The Exam Strategies Package is included in Premium, Pro, and Essentials EPPP Study Packages.

The Exam Stratgies technique is based on the following elements:
  • Understand the exam
    Section I: The content and format of the EPPP
  • Plan your studies
    Section II: Guidelines for creating and using a personalized study plan
  • Attitude awareness
    Section III: Attitudes/emotions that can enhance your studying and suggestions for modifying negative thoughts and managing test anxiety
  • Study the material
    Section IV: Effective study strategies to maximize understanding and recall of test materials
  • Skills acquisition
    Section V: Techniques for improving your ability to analyze, interpret, and understand exam questions and select the correct answe
Three Readiness Lectures
  • Lecture 1: Strategies for Approaching the EPPP
  • Lecture 2: Using Hypnosis to Reduce Test Anxiety (Theory)
  • Lecture 3: Using Hypnosis to Reduce Test Anxiety (Techniques)

Three Readiness Lectures are offered in MP3 format and can be streamed or downloaded using any compatible device.

Materials will ship next business day.

Shipping options include:

  • Overnight and 2-Day Shipping
  • Standard Ground Shipping
  • International Shipping

After purchasing the Exam Strategies Package you will receive emailed instructions to our Online Program Portal. You can access the Readiness Lectures anytime through our Online Program.

If you would like advice or need guidance on what fits your exam prep needs, please call our sales department for easy ordering with a helpful agent at (800) 472-1931.

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