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AATBS staff was very helpful in making their material in an accessible format. With the help of the study material, practice exams and the webinars helped me prepare and learn strategies to pass the MSW exam on the first try.

Lorenzo Marmolejo

Thanks, AATBS. I passed my LCSW exam today! The study guides were easy to read and the practice exams helped a lot. I have recommended your program to colleagues and plan to continuee to use your guide for my treatment planning because they were so much easier to follow. Again, thank you!

Meka Lavender Hyche

I passed using AATBS study materials for my LMSW licensure, and LCSW licensure; and passed the first time on both exams! I recommend AATBS study materials to anyone that wants to pass on the first try! The mock exams online were everything, and the books helped to revisit areas that I struggled in on the mock exams. Being able to see rationales and understanding the structure of different questions like first, last next, least was also beneficial! When I went in to take the exam I was well prepared because of the mock tests and books provided by AATBS. Again, I recommend AATBS to be your first choice in order to pass. Thanks AATBS!

Catrece DavisLCSW

I am sure that I would not have passed without the curriculum from AATBS. I attended the workshop which was a great jumping off point to studying. I did the mock exams and what ever question I did not get right I studied the concept. When I study I write it down to review later. I took the mock exam again and whatever concept I did not get right I studied. I reviewed the personal notes, notes from workshop, and reviewed test taking strategies to prepare for exam. Thank you to AATBS they really did prepare me with the tools to pass the first time.

Dolores Navarro TurnerLCSW

I was thrilled to pass my exam. The materials I used to study were the books, the online exams (study mode), and I even used flashcards. I believe this program truly prepared me to do well on the exam. The materials also helped me to focus on the content areas I was the weakest in and it really made a difference. I would recommend this material for everyone preparing to take their exam. I am extremely grateful!!!

Anna CopelandLSW

I did pass my exam on the first try using AATBS materials. I had purchased the books, flashcards and memory aids. All combined really helped me learn all I needed to know. Thanks AATBS staff for being available for questions during my preparation time.

Kristen ButlerLCSW

I feel very happy and proud to have passed the exam for the first time. If it were not for the online workshop and TestMaster practice tests I know I would not have made it. I went to the exam feeling very prepared and my anxiety levels were very low.

Once again Thank you.

Tsitsi SolaniMSW

I used the AATBS products back in 2010 when I was studying for my LCSW exam. I passed it on the first try and have had my license since Oct 2010. The AATBS practice tests really helped me to prepare for the exam. I was prepared for the questions and knew what to expect. I am a nervous test taker by nature and having the explanations for the questions and feedback was so helpful in understanding the format for the questions and why I chose the wrong answer. With this, I made flashcards for tricky questions and was able to correct my reasoning for future questions. Thanks again for the support for a difficult test!

Jessie LossLCSW

I passed my exam and have recommended your program to colleagues looking for assistance. The design of the program was especially helpful; particularly the online test questions. I still have the study books and refer to them often. Although I have been in the Mental Health/Social work field for many years, the review of theory, practices, ethics, etc. was very refreshing. I felt well prepared not only to take the exam, but to begin my solo practice.

Ellen ThorneMSW, LISW-CP

Thank you so much - especially for the practice tests! I passed on the first try. The practice exams helped me to understand just what the test is looking for - couldn't have made it without the exams.

Melissa FeatherstoneMSW

The program was helpful in two ways...I have been out of grad school a long time, the program allowed me to relearn "how to take a test"...especially answering what the question is really asking and not reading more into it then was...

Very helpful for people who have been out of school a while... but still crossing items off the bucket list, like their LCSW!


I passed my exam and am quite delighted that the studying is now over. Your materials were amazing; they helped me prepare far more than what was asked for on the exam. As a result my score was high!!! Great program, excellent tools, will definitely recommend your program to all that are preparing for the exam(s).

Linda HudnallLCSW

Yesterday I passed my LCSW exam in Virginia!!! I did everything you said and I want to thank you both. I will be back for CEU courses, thanks again.

Pam HarmsMSW

I wanted to inform you that I passed the NYS LMSW exam today. I used your study materials (i.e., books and online practice exams) as part of my preparation. My final score was 122 out of 150. I attended Adelphi University for my masters program.

Lynsey SmithMSW

I am so grateful to have discovered your study program. After 3 months of using your combo package, I walked through the testing center door feeling confident about the exam. I passed the exam with flying colors. Thank you for putting together a program that works. I have already begun to share your program with my colleagues.

Tiffany ChandlerLCSW

I took my LCSW exam yesterday and passed. The AATBS program made it easy to follow a study schedule - which is really what it takes to pass. Practice, consistency and time management are key. Thank you. I will definitely recommend this program to any one who needs to take the licensing exam.

Lisa RothPsD

I purchased the TestMASTER package and passed the Advanced Generalist Exam yesterday! Wow, what a wonderful feeling! The study material, webinars, practice tests and [audio] were all very helpful in giving me the confidence I needed to pass with flying colors. I found the practice questions to be the most helpful because they are very similar to those on the actual exam. Thank you for putting together such a great study package!


Just wanted to pass along my thanks for putting together a great study program for the Social Work clinical exam. After using the online practice exams, study books, and online workshops, I sat for the LCSW exam in Wisconsin yesterday and passed it with no problem. By the time I was done using all of your materials for preparation I arrived for the exam feeling very confident. It was well worth the money!

Paul M. SmitMSW, LCSW

I took my Advanced Generalist Exam yesterday and Passed. Your volumes and internet classes were good for me. You addressed my weaknesses. What I learned from you gave me the extra knowledge necessary for me to pass the exam.

Gregg C. Jones

During the months of April, May, and June I attended all your available classes and bought the AATBS study materials for Clinical Social Workers; with your teaching guidance and my hard work I am excited to say I passed my exam this past Monday, July 30, 2012. I am excited to say that I am a LICSW in the state of Massachusetts. Whoo Hoo!!! AATBS Social Work study course is a world class course and it has really has catered to my kinetic learning style, I absolutely love love love Test Masters. I have taken the Massachusetts clinical exam twice and each time I took the exam I would miss passing the exam by 2 questions. This time around when I took the exam I really felt that I knew the study materials and I passed with a score of 109 questions and I only needed 101 questions to pass. Thank you ladies for investing your time into my life. Oh I am also excited to say that I am 5 months pregnant and I am having boy!

Adaris PickettLICSW

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in preparing me for my masters test! I passed today after taking a couple of your great classes. The way you presented your info really helped me grasp the concepts. This was the third time I took the test and can say when going through the test I has less anxiety! Thanks again for all you do! I highly recommend others to take your courses.

Tim Miller

I just wanted to send an email and inform AATBS about my experience with the ASWB clinical exam. I had ordered the combo package deal with the webinar sessions with Kaynor. I learned a great deal from the phone calls and the test taking strategies. I successfully passed the clinical exam on Saturday Apr. 14th. It was my second time taking the exam...I had failed the exam by 2 points prior to ordering the AATBS package. I just wanted to say THANK YOU....VERY MUCH....Keep on teaching Kaynor...Your tips were so helpful!

Kelly FordMSW, LCSW

Hello my name is James and I would just like to express my gratitude to Kaynor Heineck for helping me pass my license masters of social work exam. I took her workshop and I believe that is what put me over the top. I only took the license masters of social work exam one time and passed it on the first time!

Again words cannot express how grateful I am for her workshop. Thank you.

James DeMoss

I have been studying for the LCSW with your study material and it was right on! I was so confident walking into it. Not only did it give me right on information to study, the practice tests were just like the test and the [audio] completed everything I needed to pass with flying colors.

Katie Thoele

AATBS has another success story! Because of the exhaustive educational approach and rigorous study guides and practice exams that AATBS provides, I was able to pass both exams on my first try.

Joey ShanleyLCSW

I took my LCSW Vignette Exam today and passed! I wanted to say thank you for the excellent study materials. Also, if you could pass along to Peter Schreiner, LCSW that his workshops were enormously helpful!! I was at the live 1-Day Clinical Vignette Exam Workshop this past Sunday in San Francisco, and I am so glad that I went!

Cathi FisherMSW, LCSW

I want to thank you for putting together a program that comes very close to the actual state CVE. I used your program for the written exam and the CVE.

I passed my exam yesterday and want to thank all of you and especially Dave for his encouragement, wisdom and direction in completing this difficult process. My clinical supervision didn't come close to the content of this study program.

Your program is very accurate in the way it is put together and the progressive difficulty of the CVE exam itself.

I will recommend your program to all the interns I encounter.

A job well done and I can't say enough good things about it.

R. BurtchLCSW, MSW

I passed my exam on the first try with flying colors, and I credit your preparation course and materials for much of my success!! The study guides with information on relevant subjects were quite valuable, but I would not have done so well without the prep course, which taught me how to take the exam itself. The strategies taught in the course made a critical difference in how I read and interpreted the questions, sifted through the offered information, and determined what truly was being asked. I also appreciated the telephone support and the detailed practice exams that were available online.


Recently I became licensed as a LCSW and I am so thrilled! Although it took me three times to pass the first test (I am in management at a county behavioral health center) I took the vignette test only once and passed exclusively because I bought CaseMASTER and totally used your methods!! I want to say thank you for developing such a great computer program. It really prepared me for the test. I felt confident and even had some time to spare.

Sue GruberLCSW

I completed both tests and passed my LCSW on Dec. 1! Your preparation materials were easy to read, but more importantly, I found the workshops and the materials provided to be extremely helpful in keeping me focused and not overwhelmed. I passed both tests the first time. Also, I want to thank your staff who guided me and when personal health problems and a tragic family death occurred, were understanding and always accommodating. I have recommended your program to colleagues and friends. Again, thanks.

M. Smith

The small group workshop that I attended instructed by Kaynor Heineck, MS two weeks ago was absolutely instrumental in helping me pass my second examination last Saturday. The detailed and individualized attention provided through the small group workshop allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities and have specific strategies to use in the actual exam. The feedback provided to me allowed me to identify my weakness and work on them and at the same time reminded me to stay positive. I would like to extend my gratitude to the instructor whom was very supportive during the course sessions. Thank you AATBS!

Carolina Lopez

Hope that all is good with you and that you are enjoying a great Summer! I wanted to follow up with you regarding my LSW Exam. The information you gave me was absolutely correct in that the answer to pass is to study and make consistent 70s on the mock-exams. I did use that information as a gauge. I also feel that the your Theories Workshop was quite helpful in retaining recall information. With that said, I took the exam on Friday and PASSED!!! I am still elevated from that and I can't believe that each time I leave home I do not have to carry study materials with me, nor go to bed with materials beside my bed...seems rather strange after all these months of preparation. While strange, it is a really, really good feeling.


I just wanted to thank you so very much for helping me pass my LCSW exam! I purchased the books, flash cards, and practice tests and studied hard for 2 months. It all paid off when I passed my test on the first try. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It truly made a difference using your materials and I am so grateful that I had these materials to help me prepare.

Theresa HorowitLCSW

I am sure that I would not have passed without the curriculum from AATBS. I attended the workshop which was a great jumping off point to studying. I did the mock exams and what ever question I did not get right I studied the concept. When I study I write it down to review later. I took the mock exam again and whatever concept I did not get right I studied. I reviewed the personal notes, notes from workshop, and reviewed test taking strategies to prepare for exam. Thank you to AATBS they really did prepare me with the tools to pass the first time.

Dolores Navarro TurnerLCSW


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