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Thanks so much to AATBS for my study materials for the Law & Ethics exam. I just passed in June (first time!) and know now that following Kathy Wexler's success formula will help me pass my final clinical exam soon!

What Kathy recommended was to take the mocks several times and to make certain that I passed at 75% so I have leeway on the actual exams to pass at 70%. I followed her recommendations and it was so helpful. The rationales for each question were a huge assist and so well written that I think reading and re-reading them were a huge help as well.

The audios for text anxiety were wonderful for my nervousness as well.

Thank you so much for your generosity of consultation from the staff at AATBS when I needed it....I am so grateful!

Lesleigh TolinMFTi

I passed my LMFT Law and Ethics Exam.

I used the AATBS study material to help me prepare for the LMFT law and ethics exam. I was very happy to have had both the reading material and the online mock exams. I am still in shock I passed, quite possibly one of the toughest exams I have ever taken ... and I took the LSAT!

Lyndsey Nelson

I passed!

I passed the Law and Ethics exam on my first attempt. I don't think I could have done it without the study materials and especially the practice exams.

Jessica L. HarperMFT

I wanted to thank you for your help in preparing for and then passing these two crucial exams [the Standard Written and the Clinical Vignette]...first time out!!!

The proctor at our testing site, when she saw my scratch paper with all my numbers on it, said that no one who does not use this process that only you teach, passes the exams! ...[T]hought you should know that your formula works! Really, had I not had that formula you teach...I never would have passed the Vignette exam...and I know that without a doubt.

So again, thank you and be assured AATBS will be talked up by me to those coming after.

Joanne SmithPsyD, MFT

I don't think I could have passed without AATBS! I had other study materials from various programs. However, I kept going back to the AATBS materials and ended up only using AATBS. I found they were very thorough and more user friendly. When I took the exam, I felt AATBS over prepared me. The structure of the study materials help you retain the information. They give outstanding advice as to how to take the exam, how to eliminate answers, and how to choose the best answer. They even breakdown why an answer would be wrong. When calling AATBS, they were very helpful. I felt they really cared and truly wanted to help me pass my exams. It's hard to explain just how much AATBS helped me, but I wouldn't recommend any other program but AATBS!

Christina IrizarryLMFT

I want to say thank you for your amazing study program. I am, at this point, a stay-at-home mom who graduated with my masters 8 years ago and I haven't worked in the field in 3 years. Preparing for this exam felt impossible. In the end I felt extremely confident and prepared for both this exam and the 1st MFT exam by completing your online test questions and mock exams. The strategies included in the rationale for each question were so thorough it was like having a tutor. No additional methods of studying were necessary. I can't communicate the extreme relief I feel. Thank you so so so very much, again!

Megan LentzLMFT

The online training was very helpful. I had originally planned to drive to Irvine for your in person workshop in November, however, had a family emergency in Minnesota so I was very grateful that AATBS and you offered an alternative training before the New Year. What really stood out to me was the convenience of it - the fact that I could do the training from the comfort of my home was really amazing and aside from a few technical difficulties, it ran very smoothly for an online format.

Your ability to answer our questions and availability for follow-up has also stood out to me greatly in working with AATBS. To be honest, I was more nervous going into the second exam than I was for the first, as my scores on the practice questions and mock exams were very inconsistent. However, I am happy to say that I passed my CVE on 12/23 and am officially a LMFT (pending the paperwork from the BBS). Thank you to you and AATBS for all of your support!

Happy New Year,

Joanne SmithPsyD, MFT

I passed! I felt very well prepared. I used the AATBS materials for about 3 months (not very seriously until the last 2 weeks.) The questions on the SWE seemed similar to the mock tests you offered. I felt fairly confident through the test. Thank you!

Helene Goble

As an intern specializing in Eating Disorders, I was concerned that my knowledge base would not be generalized enough for the standard licensing exams. AATBS helped fill in any gaps in my learning. Not only did I PASS my exam with the strategies I learned, but I felt my preparedness for practicing with a wider client base was enhanced.

Jamie KohanyiMA, LMFT

Thank you, AATBS! I took the final exam one week ago and passed! I'm now a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and could not have done it without your study materials and exam prep. I recommend AATBS to all my friends preparing to take the exams.

Jeannine RayLMFT

I have had a hard time passing this test. I finally decided to go to an AATBS Workshop and purchased CaseMaster. I learned from the workshop how to evaluate each answer and then taking the practice tests allowed me to really learn how to take the test. Although I have been in the public sector for many years, I just couldn't answer the test questions correctly until I used the practice exams and study materials. I am grateful to AATBS for the help.

Eric BurtLMFT

In desperate situations the universe always acts in mysterious ways! Thank you Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences ... I will always recommend this company for their excellent materials, advice and support. Thank you AATBS for helping mental health professionals achieve their goals!

Humbly yours,

Silvia DominguezMFT Intern

I passed my clinical vignette exam!!! I'm soooooooooooo happy! Thank you and AATBS for you outstanding training and workshop.

Inna Lee


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