Licensing exams test more than your knowledge. They are the last step before independence. For many, taking the exam is loaded with anxiety. Will I pass? What will happen if I don't? It’s common for test-takers to become tense and lose their confidence before or during the test and then become distracted by their anxiety and self-doubt. When they don't pass they become very discouraged. "But I studied so hard!" is the common refrain.

The Workbook for Test Success: How to Be Calm, Confident and Focused, is the only book on the test-prep market that addresses you, the test taker. It gives you the tools you need to remain steady, self-supportive, and on-track as you study for the test and as you are taking it. Tests are designed to throw you off. This book will guide you to staying firmly on the path and reaching your goal.

  • 226 pages
  • 7 x 0.5 x 10 inches

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