The new DSM-5 Fast-Flip Reference Cards are great for quickly citing disorders and codes, while the DSM-5/DSM-IV-TR Comparison Table offers a summarization of the major differences and changes. Save over $90 by purchasing the DSM-5 Transition Combo Pack!

DSM-5/DSM-IV-TR Comparison Table

The DSM-5/DSM-IV-TR Comparison Table is a quick reference guide to changes in the DSM-5. The Comparison Table provides a brief overview of the major changes; and, for each DSM-5 diagnosis, it indicates the equivalent DSM-IV-TR diagnosis and provides a description of the type of change(s) made and a summary of current diagnostic criteria for modified and new diagnoses.

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DSM-5 Fast-Flip Reference Cards

The DSM-5 Fast-Flip Rererence Cards provide a quick and effective way of systematically learning about the disorders in DSM-5. They can serve as an exceptional supplement to our study programs for mental health professionals preparing to take a licensure exam as well as an excellent reference for any clinician becoming familiar with the DSM-5. The DSM-5 Fast-Flip Reference Cards contain over 360 cards printed on a 5x7 form and ring-bound for ease of use.

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