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Materials Study Package


We provide to you all the critical materials to learn the content of the exam and prepare for exam day, no matter when you decide to take the exam.

Study Package with Workshop Bundle


Our Package with Workshop Bundle includes everything in our Study Package, plus live training with our Exam Strategies and Content Review Webinar.

California MFT Exam Bundle


This bundle combines the Law and Ethics Package with our Clinical Exam Package giving you the tools and materials to completely prepare you for your journey to licensure.

"Thanks so much to AATBS for my study materials for the Law & Ethics exam. I just passed in June (first time!) and know now that following your successful formula will help me pass my final clinical exam soon!"
Lesleigh Tolin, MFTi

"I used the AATBS study material to help me prepare for the LMFT law and ethics exam. I was very happy to have had both the reading material and the online mock exams. I am still in shock I passed, quite possibly one of the toughest exams I have ever taken."
Lyndsey Nelson

"I passed the Law and Ethics exam on my first attempt. I don't think I could have done it without the study materials and especially the practice exams."
Jessica L. Harper, MFT

"I wanted to thank you for your help in preparing for and then passing these two crucial exams, first time out! Really, had I not had that formula you teach ... I never would have passed the clinical exam ... and I know that without a doubt."
Joanne Smith, PsyD, MFT

"I don't think I could have passed without AATBS! I had other study materials from various programs. However, I kept going back to the AATBS materials and ended up only using AATBS."
Christina Irizarry, LMFT

"I want to say thank you for your amazing study program. The strategies included in the rationale for each question were so thorough it was like having a tutor."
Megan Lentz, LMFT

"AATBS helped fill in any gaps in my learning. Not only did I PASS my exam with the strategies I learned, but I felt my preparedness for practicing with a wider client base was enhanced."
Jamie Kohanyi, MA, LMFT

"I took the final exam one week ago and passed! I'm now a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and could not have done it without your study materials and exam prep."
Jeannine Ray, LMFT

"I will always recommend this company for their excellent materials, advice and support. Thank you AATBS for helping mental health professionals achieve their goals!"
Silvia Dominguez

"I passed my clinical exam! I'm so happy! Thank you and AATBS for you outstanding training and workshop."
Inna Lee


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