Coaches’ Corner Recap: Self-Care

Coaches’ Corner Recap: Self-Care

In the helping professions, we often forget about self-care. However, self-care is vital to success in both the licensure exam and in your career.

Because in order to study well, you need to be physically okay.

Our Coaches, Melissa and Jennifer, defined self-care as making time to do the things you enjoy that give you energy. Self-care is knowing when you need a break, and taking that break.

Our coaches emphasized how important self-care is to the study process. It can be a motivator to complete your study session as well as a rejuvenator to come back to studying with a clear head. Ultimately, self-care should be a mandatory part of your study schedule and should never be sacrificed for the sake of an extra hour of studying.

Self-care is an important aspect of your life no matter what. But it is especially important when you are prepping for licensure.

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There will be no Coaches’ Corner segment on February 28th, but we will resume on March 7th to discuss anxiety management.

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