Coaches' Corner Recap: Debunking Study Myths

Coaches’ Corner Recap: Debunking Study Myths

In last week’s broadcast of Coaches’ Corner, two of our amazing coaches, Jennifer and Melissa, addressed the most common study myths that they hear.

They addressed the following myths and discussed the pertaining truths:

Myth #1: You only need to be scoring in the 60s on a practice exam before sitting your exam.

Truth: You should be scoring at least passing or higher. Our coaches recommend aiming for a higher passing score to give yourself some wiggle room to pass.


Myth #2: I should be scoring 100% on practice exams before I take my actual exam.

Truth: This is not a realistic score and you do not need to know everything to pass your licensure exam.


Myth #3: You should be passing all your practice exams on the first try.

Truth: There is a reason you practice before the actual exam.


Myth #4: I know someone who is doing better than I am.

Truth: Comparison is the thief of joy and everyone is on their own journey.


Myth #5: There are trick questions on the exam.

Truth: There are no trick questions.


Myth #6: If I study for 3 to 4 months, I should just go ahead and test otherwise I will burn out.

Truth: Time frames are good to maintain a consistent study schedule, but they are also flexible. Remember quality studying over quantity.


Myth #7: You need to sit for all 4 hours of the exam.

Truth: Taking breaks during your exam will keep you alert and focused.


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Watch the full broadcast below:

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