Reintroducing Coaches Corner for 2018

Coaches' Corner Recap: First of 2018

In the first Coaches' Corner segment of 2018, two of our amazing coaches, Melissa and Jennifer, reintroduce Coaches Corner. They remind us of the features and benefits of coaching, and how you can benefit from watching Coaches Corner every week. Here are a few unforgettable benefits of watching Coaches Corner:

  • Every week Coaches Corner does a raffle. You can enter by tagging a friend, or by liking, commenting, and sharing the video. Each way you participate enters you into the raffle and sharing the video getting you two extra entries.
  • Ask questions in the comments. Whether it is a topic you want to hear about in a future segment or a quick question, Melissa and Jennifer will be sure to answer it.
  • They want to celebrate your success. When you pass your licensure exam, take a selfie with your passing letter and our coaches will send you gift to help you celebrate.

Melissa and Jennifer gave their licensure backgrounds along with tips that helped them pass when they took their exams. Their journeys toward success looked quite different so they remind viewers that although the goal of a passing score is the same, everyone’s journey is not.

Utilizing an AATBS coach will exponentially help you with that journey.

Remember to tune in to Coaches' Corner weekly on Facebook Live, Wednesdays at 12 (PT). 

Please note: During the first full week of February, Coaches' Corner will air on Thursday, February 8th instead of on Wednesday because Coaches' Corner will have a few special guests: All of the AATBS coaches

But first, catch up by watching the first Coaches' Corner of 2018 below.


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