Coaches Corner Recap: Grab Bag Questions

Coaches Corner Recap: Grab Bag Questions

In the final Coaches Corner of 2017, AATBS coaches Melissa and Jennifer answer questions from past viewers as well as viewers who watched live during this broadcast.

They answered the following 16 questions:

  1. How do I study for statistics if I’m not a statistics person?
  2. Can I put my studying on hold if I have already scheduled the exam?
  3. How much more information is there in the practice exam than in the study volumes?
  4. What are some tips for staying on task?
  5. Do I need to use AATBS materials to utilize an AATBS coach?
  6. How do I know when I am ready for my exam?
  7. What’s best to focus on when I have limited time?
  8. Which materials are most important?
  9. When are coaches available?
  10. How do I avoid a practice effects?
  11. How should I space out my practice exams?
  12. How soon will I get a call back from coaching?
  13. Should I use study mode or exam mode?
  14. What sort of pace should I use for my exam?
  15. Will the actual exam take longer than the mock exam?
  16. I keep making the same mistakes, how do I fix it?

See the full video below. Coaches Corner will return for 2018 on Wednesday, January 10th at 12 pm Pacific time on our AATBS Exam Prep Facebook page.

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