Coaches Corner Recap: The Benefit of Workshops

Coaches Corner Recap: The Benefit of Workshops

What workshops does AATBS offer? Should you be taking a workshop? At what point in your studying should you take a workshop?

On October 18th - two of our AATBS coaches - Melissa and Jennifer, covered the topic of the benefit of workshops in our weekly Coaches Corner.

Melissa and Jennifer described workshops as an enhancement or supplement to your studies. Though they aren’t vital to passing the exam in general, they are especially helpful if you are struggling in any way.

Some of the many workshops mentioned in Coaches Corner are:

  • Orientation workshop: An introductory workshop that goes over the basics about your specific licensure exam. It is perfect for someone who hasn’t started studying and wants to know what it will be like.
  • Content workshop: A review of content for your licensure and a crash course for the content. This is for someone who feels weak in content knowledge.
  • Test-taking boot camp: A detailed analysis of questions and how to select the best answer. This workshop is perfect for someone who struggles with test-taking but has some content knowledge under their belt. Bonus: this is Jennifer’s favorite workshop!

You can watch the entire video below. Remember to tune in weekly every Wednesday at noon pacific time. Our coaches answer your questions live and offer giveaways for interacting with the video.

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