Changes to the EPPP
Changes to the EPPP

Changes to the EPPP

Last week the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) announced some changes they are introducing into the EPPP, which affects how content is weighted on the exam.

Before proceeding to discuss these changes, we want to assure you that there is no need to panic. All the domains will remain the same, as well as most of the content. The changes are simply in the percentage of questions for each domain and should not significantly affect a candidate's study plan.

Areas Affected by the Change

The changes being made to the EPPP will take effect on all exams delivered starting February 15th 2018, and apply to the following areas:

  • The Biological Bases of Behavior was previously 12%, but is being changed to 10%.
  • The Social and Cultural Bases of Behavior is changing from 12% to 11%.
  • Assessment and Diagnosis is changing from 14% to 16%.
  • Treatment, Intervention, Prevention, and Supervision is being changed from 14% to 15%.
  • Research Methods and Statistics is changing from 8% to 7%.
  • Ethical/Legal/Professional Issues is changing from 15% to 16%.

The other domains–namely, Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behavior (13%) and Growth and Lifespan Development (12%)–will remain the same.

More information can be obtained in ASPPB's updated EPPP handbook.

These changes are entirely separate from the EPPP Step 2, which is an entirely new exam that will be implemented in 2019. To learn more about this second exam, see EPPP Step 2 FAQ.

Why These Changes?

These minor changes were made as part of a continuing process whereby the ASPPB tries to keep the EPPP aligned with what is happening on ground level as psychologists work in the field. Psychologists working in the United States and Canada were given a survey about the required knowledge for someone to practice at entry level. The data generated from this survey was then reviewed by a panel and comprised the basis for these adjustments.

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