Coaches' Corner Recap: Managing Anxiety

Coaches’ Corner Recap: Managing Anxiety

On July 19th, two of our coaches, Melissa and Jennifer, covered the topic of anxiety management in our weekly Coaches’ Corner.

Melissa and Jennifer began this video by sharing their individual experiences with anxiety. They gave viewers practical steps to overcome anxiety and encouraged viewers to find a healthy balance.

Melissa and Jennifer explained that everyone reacts to anxiety differently. Once you understand how you operate under stress, you can apply methods to overcome it. Our coaches gave thorough tips on managing anxiety during study sessions as well as during test taking, such as:

  • First and foremost, keep a positive mindset
  • Put yourself in control of what you can control
  • Maintain healthy eating and exercise habits

You can watch the entire video below. Be sure to join us next week when our coaches cover Back to School, Back to Studying. Coaches’ Corner is every Wednesday at 12 pm PT.

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