Our Exam Coaches Are Back: Coaches' Corner

Coaches' Corner is Back!

Two of our incredible coaches, Melissa Mendoza and Jennifer Kolb, are back for another AATBS Coaches’ Corner session.

The live event was broadcast earlier this week and covered general study strategies. Melissa and Jennifer specifically covered tips for quality studying and how to make studying interactive. They answered questions from live viewers and encouraged later viewers to post their questions in the comments as well.

We will host these live events every Wednesday at noon (PT) on our Facebook page. Future sessions will include discussion of anxiety management tools, interviews with our various consultants, as well as license-specific topics. You can also use this page to post questions for our coaches to answer in future sessions.

Below is our video of last week’s Coaches’ Corner, followed by links to our amazing study group pages!

Facebook Study Groups 

  1. Social Work Study Group

  2. MFT/LPCC Study Group

  3. AATBS EPPP Study Group 

  4. AATBS Exam Prep


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