EPPP 2 Exam News
EPPP 2 Exam News

EPPP 2 Exam News

At the January 2017 meeting, the ASPPB approved the development of a new examination to “assess the competency-based skills necessary at entry-level licensure…designed to complement the EPPP.”

The current EPPP will be renamed EPPP Step 1, and the new exam will be called EPPP Step 2.

“This two-step assessment package will assist member boards in meeting their mandate of public protection and in meeting the public’s expectations regarding a board’s assessment of competence of psychologists…”

The new two-step exam process is expected to be implemented by January 2020. [Please note, our original article stated 2019. The ASPPB has since updated this timeline.] Please see the ASPPB website for the official announcement and further information.

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