3 Tips for MFT Exam Prep Success
3 Tips for MFT Exam Prep Success

3 Tips for MFT Exam Prep Success

Successful MFT exam prep means far more than passing the exam; it is the stepping stone into your career as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Success on the MFT exam, therefore, is crucial. With such pressure, it can be easy to become overwhelmed, procrastinate studying, or want to give up altogether. But there are ways to approach studying that will help you reach your goal. Here are three tips for MFT exam prep success.

1. Goal Setting

Have you ever had a long-term goal sabotaged by something that would reward you more immediately? For example, have you ever studied using online materials and gotten distracted by clickbait only to eventually waste two hours of specified study time? If so, then your brain experienced a rush of dopamine that rewarded you for clicking on intriguing titles. Dopamine doesn’t mind rewarding us for behavior that is not beneficial to our goals. The decision to study does not often allow an immediate reward; therefore, it’s easy to make a decision that will give us immediate reward.

Setting short-term goals can help you overcome the temptation to wander from study materials. Your long-term goal, of course, is passing the MFT exam and becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. You might set goals along the way of studying a specified number of hours per day during a certain time of day. Achieving short-term goals will give more immediate rewards that will help you achieve your overall goal.

2. Discipline with Rewards

It is easy to give in to distractions. Resisting the temptation can be both exhausting and challenging. To give your willpower a rest, perhaps incorporate something pleasing into your study sessions that you only allow yourself to have while you study. For example, if white chocolate mochas are your guilty pleasure, don’t let yourself have one unless you’re doing MFT exam prep. Dopamine will allow your brain to associate something pleasing (white chocolate mocha) with something that will help you reach your goal (studying) and ultimately you will get in the habit of committing to study sessions.

3. Motivation

Short-term goal setting and discipline can play a part in motivation for MFT exam prep, but it is not the only factor. What is your ultimate motivation for wanting to pass the MFT exam? It is, obviously, to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. But why is this the profession you are choosing? Success more likely comes to those who are motivated by their own desires.

Remember why you chose to take this path. What is the passion behind your goal of getting MFT licensed? Keeping this in mind could be what pulls you through the challenge of MFT exam prep.

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