The World needs You: 3 Reasons to not give up on your dreams
The World needs You: 3 Reasons to not give up on your dreams

Kristie Overstreet Ph.D., LPCC, LMHC, LPC, CST

It can be difficult to keep working toward your career goal especially when times are tough. Classes, internships, and organizing all of the requirements for licensure can be daunting. Having to juggle these with other daily responsibilities may lead you to question if all of your hard work is worth it.

What you are feeling is normal and expected. These are the challenging steps toward your career that all clinicians go through. Even when you may feel like it, don’t give up on your path. Here are three reasons why you should keep pushing along

1. You are unique
You will bring your unique perspective and style as a clinician. You have a life experience like no one else. There is no other clinician like you, so if you give up, then your future clients will not receive the gift of working with you.

Your style, presence, and the way you connect with your clients make you unique. When you feel like giving up, remember that your future clients need you to help them navigate through their tough journey.

2. You are closer than you realize
When you started on your path to becoming a clinician it seemed like it was very far away. You may have thought several times that you would never get to the point where you are ready to take your licensing exam.

You may feel that you have to give up a lot right now to become a clinician and it may not feel like you are getting much in return. You are in a valley but just over the next hill is your future. You are building a skill set and entering a profession that will be more gratifying than you realize at this time. You are so close to reaching success.

3. You started this path for a reason
Think back to when you decided to began your journey to become a clinician. What led you to choose this field? Did you want to help other? Did you want to assist people in making changes in their lives?

Whatever the reason that led you to be interested in becoming a counselor, now is the time to remember it. You will look back one day at this moment and be grateful that you didn’t give up.

Take time for self-care especially when life gets stressful. This simple act of looking at what you need to be healthy will be the same skills that you will teach your future clients. Make sure you have the right tools so that you can do your best and overcome the last hurdle of passing your exam. Remember that AATBS NCE Pass Guarantee which is an incredible study plan that will help you get the results you desire. If you want a tried and true program that will guarantee you pass, then AATBS is right for you. Hang in there and let AATBS help you through your journey.

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