Counseling for Counselors
Counseling for Counselors

Counseling for Counselors

Kristie Overstreet Ph.D., LPCC, LMHC, LPC, CST

In this profession, it is essential to know when to seek help. We spend most of our time trying to keep our clients engaged and avoiding no-shows. Our clients need counseling and it’s just as vital for us as counselors. Many counseling programs require their students to attend a counseling session to learn about the process and to ensure that they work on their own “stuff” that may come up later as a therapist.

What are you afraid of?

We normalize the fear many of our clients experience in their first session. We tell them that it is normal to feel anxious about the counseling process because they are learning to trust us at their most vulnerable selves.

If you don’t have just a little nervousness or anticipation about going to therapy for the first time, I would be shocked. It can be difficult as a therapist to allow yourself to be vulnerable with a pseudo peer and let it all to come out in the open. As you already know the nervousness and anticipation will cease as you continue the process.

Common fears of counselors

  • What will they think of me if I don’t have it all together?
  • Will they feel that I’m not a good clinician?
  • Will they judge me because of my history and past events?
  • Will they see me differently after the session?

These are just a few of the common fears that you may experience before your first counseling session. When you have your clinical hat on, you know these are normal, but when you are the client, it can be difficult to remember.

Take care of you first

It’s time to take your own advice. If you don’t stay well balanced then your ability to help others won’t be as effective. You love your role as a clinician and willing to do almost whatever it takes to help your clients. The most significant help you can give is making sure you are as healthy as possible.

You are human just like your clients. This is the time that you need to pay close attention to your emotional, spiritual, and mental health needs so you can continue to help others. If your car and physical self needs a check up every now and then why wouldn’t your emotional health? Since June is Professional Wellness month there isn’t a better time to explore counseling for yourself so that you can continue being an incredible helping professional.

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