Coaches’ Corner Recap: Everything You Need to Know About Coaching

Coaches’ Corner Recap: Everything You Need to Know About Coaching

What is an exam coaching and why should I use it? In this week’s segment of Coaches’ Corner, our in-house coaches, Melissa and Jennifer, discuss the most common questions they receive about coaching.

In addition to addressing questions about coaching, Melissa and Jennifer announced that this week’s raffle was the final Coaches’ Corner raffle in lieu of new and exciting offers coming up. There will also be a feedback survey coming out soon for Coaches’ Corner. Please keep an eye out for it to tell us your thoughts! 

Below are the questions Melissa and Jennifer answered about coaching:

  • What is coaching?
    • A coach can help you make a study plan, check your progress, and guide you along your studying journey.
  • How do I get coaching?
    • Coaching comes unlimited with all AATBS packages. If you are not an AATBS customer, you can purchase coaching a la carte.
  • How do I talk to a coach?
    • Scheduling an appointment is the best way to talk to a coach. You can email or call 1-800-471-1931
  • Who are the coaches?
    • Melissa and Jennifer are our AATBS in-house coaches. You can see all our AATBS coaches here.
  • When are coaches available?
    • Coaches are available depending on their time zones and hours. Melissa and Jennifer, for example, have typical business hours in the Pacific Time zone.
  • How many time a week can I talk to a coach?
    • With your AATBS package, coaching is unlimited. Melissa and Jennifer suggest you touch base with your coach once a week. Ultimately, however, it is up to you and what you need.
  • Can a coach tutor me?
    • Coaching is not tutoring. Tutoring is in-depth teaching of material whereas coaching is clarification and guidance.
  • What is the best way to reach my coach?
    • If you already have a coach, know their schedule and when they are most reachable. Otherwise, the quickest way to contact a coach is through email at
  • Will I always have the same coach?
    • If you think your coach is a good fit for you, then you will stick with them. If you get matched with a coach who does not fit your learning style, we can work with you to find a better fit.
  • Can the coach see my scores?
    • Yes. Coaches see your AATBS program as if they are you.
  • Why should I use coaching?
    • Why not give yourself the most potential for exam day success?

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