Coaches' Corner Recap: Managing Anxiety

Coaches' Corner Recap: Managing Anxiety

At some point, everyone will deal with anxiety. Especially if you are studying for a licensure exam.

In this week’s segment of Coaches' Corner, which aired on March 7th, coaches Melissa and Jennifer explore the topic of anxiety. They discuss what a healthy level of anxiety looks like (yes, you DO want a little anxiety while studying) and what to do when you are feeling too anxious to focus.

To manage anxiety, our coaches suggest the following techniques:

  • Pay attention to how you experience anxiety.
    • Some people have panic attacks, while others don’t sleep well. What are the ways your body expresses anxiety?
  • Create tangible and measurable goals.
    • Measureable goals means measureable success.
  • Do a “brain dump” before your study session.
    • Write down everything that is occupying your mind, such as negative thoughts. Then, write down a positive affirmation for every negative thought.
  • Make a habit out of anxiety management techniques that work for you.
    • Does running help your stress levels? Incorporate it into your routine.
  • Ask for help.
    • No one is alone in this process, and everyone struggles with anxiety to some degree. Make an appointment with an AATBS exam coach if you don’t know anyone else studying for a licensure exam. Our coaches also recommend joining our AATBS Facebook study groups. You do not have to be an AATBS customer to join.
  • Plan what you can.
    • Have everything ready the day before your exam such as what you will wear, and your identification and confirmation. It is also a good idea to check out the testing center before you sit the exam.

See the entire broadcast below. Don’t forget to tune in to Coaches' Corner every Wednesday live at noon (PT) on our AATBS Exam Prep Facebook page.

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