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Up to 650+ Practice Exam Questions

TestMASTER is our online practice test program and your key to success on the exam! Practice with four full-length online exams for 600+ practice questions. TestMASTER is included in all of our study packages and is also sold separately.

  • 4 full-length exams
  • 650+ questions
  • Mimics the exam in terms of format and question content and difficulty
  • Detailed rationales for each question
  • Two modes of study: Training or testing
  • Immediate feedback on exam scores
  • Search questions on a specific term or phrase
  • Keep track of your scores
  • Additional Add-ons to enhance your testing experience
  • Revisions/updates added throughout the year
  • 90-day online program access: $225
  • 30-day online program access: $175
  • Extensions begin at $90

If you would like advice or need guidance on what fits your needs, please call our sales department for easy ordering with a helpful agent at (800) 472-1931.

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