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Practice with four full-length online exams for 600+ practice questions and sharpen your test-taking skills.



This set of 300 flashcards is color-coded for your convenience. Each card summarizes a key concept from the exam.

DSM-5 Online Self-Paced Content Review


This workshop provides an effective way of systematically learning about the disorders in DSM-5.

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Materials precisely designed for passing the AODA. Written by the most experienced professionals in the counseling field. Online Mock Exams, Online Workshops, and Expert Phone Consultation make passing as simple and efficient as possible.

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AATBS has conveniently packaged the best study options to provide you with what you need to pass your exam.

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Our online exams provide opportunities to practice applying your knowledge to exam-like questions and to sharpen your test-taking skills.

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Contain the most current and up-to-date content are written by the experienced professionals in the counseling field.

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AATBS now offers a 4-hour online video workshop that provides a concise review of DSM-5.

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