Marie Fox, PhD

EPPP 4-Day Workshop Instructor
Statistics & Test Construction Webinar Instructor
10-Session Small-Group Online Coaching Webinar Instructor

Dr. Marie Fox brings 24 years of experience of developing and providing live lectures, tutorials, online workshops, and private consultation for EPPP candidates in the USA and Canada. Her expertise spans the psychology domain areas as well as accelerated learning techniques, study programs, and test-taking strategies.

This Instructor Teaches the following workshops:

  • EPPP Live 4-Day Workshop
  • Statistics & Test Construction Webinar
  • 10-Session Small-Group Online Coaching Webinar

I wanted to send Dr. Fox a quick note to thank you for all your help during the EPPP four day workshop a month ago in Dallas. The workshop was a great aid -- and you were brilliant.

Both my friend and myself attended and were both really appreciative of your teaching styles, energy, and knowledge. I wanted to let you know that we both passed and are both absolutely thrilled -- and relieved I might add. I have plenty of good things to say about the professors and the invaluable materials. It's the best money spent in some time!

Madeline Rex-LearPhD