Jennifer DeFeo, PhD

Jennifer DeFeo, PhD

DSM-5 Review Self-Paced Workshop Instructor

Dr. DeFeo is one of the leading experts of the DSM-5 in the State of California. She has conducted over 30 trainings worldwide on the topic. She was the key presenter at the Annual International Violence, Abuse, and Trauma (IVAT) Conferences in San Diego (2013) and Honolulu (2014) as well as the Illinois AAMFT Division's Annual Conference where she conducted a full-day workshop to educate clinical psychologists, social workers, MFTs, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals on the DSM-5 and ICD-10 diagnostic systems. Additionally, Dr. DeFeo is working with the Mexican Board of Professionals to integrate the DSM-5 into their higher education institutions.

This Instructor Teaches the following workshops:

  • DSM-5 Review Self-Paced Workshop

I am sure that I would not have passed without the curriculum from AATBS. I attended the workshop which was a great jumping off point to studying. I did the mock exams and what ever question I did not get right I studied the concept. When I study I write it down to review later. I took the mock exam again and whatever concept I did not get right I studied. I reviewed the personal notes, notes from workshop, and reviewed test taking strategies to prepare for exam. Thank you to AATBS they really did prepare me with the tools to pass the first time.

Dolores Navarro TurnerLCSW