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California MFT Exam Study Packages

What is the California Law and Ethics Exam?

If you have an active MFT Intern registration, you must take the California Law and Ethics Exam once per renewal period until you pass. If you have already taken and passed the old Standard Written Exam (before 1/1/2016), you do not need to take the California Law and Ethics Exam. Instead, you should get approval to take the new Clinical Exam.

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What is the CA MFT Clinical Exam?

The new Clinical Exam is designed to test your knowledge, skills, and abilities in: crisis management, clinical evaluation, treatment planning, treatment, and law and ethics.

You are required to take the new California Clinical Exam if the following has been completed: your hours have been approved, you have passed the Standard Written Exam (prior to 1/1/2016) or have passed the new Law and Ethics Exam (after 1/1/2016), and you have been approved to sit for the exam.


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