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Mock Exams


Practice with eight full-length online exams for 1,800 practice questions and sharpen your test-taking skills.

Onsite 4-Day Comprehensive Workshop


Our expert instructors focus on the most difficult and heavily emphasized examination areas, and review questions that are formatted similarly to what will appear on the exam.

Comprehensive Study Volumes


Six content review volumes provide a concise but thorough review of the terms, concepts, theories, and research addressed by the 8 domains covered by the EPPP.

"I just wanted to thank AATBS for great study materials. I took the EPPP for the first time last Friday and passed with flying colors. YAY!"
Cathy Lynn Staton, PhD

"Materials were very user friendly. The study aids at the end of the content areas were very helpful, especially focusing on key concepts. The Statistics & Test Construction Workshop was a great way to apply or refine knowledge gained from the reading material."
Blerta Isak

"The [4-Day] Workshop help[ed] me to identify where I need to apply myself more. I've adjusted my study plan! I got more than expected - I liked the discussions on applying the knowledge. The instructors spoke with students, even during the breaks. All parts [of the workshop] were useful."
A. Hector

"This workshop will undoubtedly be the missing piece needed to pass this...exam. Your company is doing an outstanding job providing an invaluable service. It could not have been done better."
Emilia 'Mimi' Ramirez, PhD

"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me pass the EPPP with flying colors. I am truly grateful for the help AATBS provided me. Most of all, I wanted to thank the consultants who guided me through the entire process."
Nancy G., PsyD

"The materials are professional, thoughtful, and painstakingly accurate in the massive amount of information to be mastered for this challenging exam."
Madeline Rex-Lear, PhD

"I would like to commend you on the quality of the materials AATBS provides. All of the study volumes covered the content areas in a comprehensive, yet easy to digest manner. My stress and worry were minimized just by having your products during my study process."
Sendy Elsayed, PsyD

"I thought the TestMASTER tests were the most helpful, and the test questions seemed to be much harder than the actual EPPP. On the TestMASTER tests I was scoring 70%+ but on the EPPP I scored 95%!"
Peter Lewis, PsyD


Updated Materials

You'll always be studying the current version of the exam.


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Our EPPP Study Materials

Materials precisely designed for passing the EPPP. Written by the most experienced professionals in the psychology field. Online Mock Exams, Live Workshops, Comprehensive Study Volumes, and Expert Phone Consultation make passing the EPPP as simple and efficient as possible.

Study Packages

AATBS has conveniently packaged the best study options to provide you with what you need to pass your exam.

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Online Programs

Our online exams provide opportunities to practice applying your knowledge to exam-like questions and to sharpen your test-taking skills.

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Study Materials

Contain the most current and up-to-date content are written by the most experienced professionals in the psychology field.

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Begin or conclude your EPPP study plan with any of our proven, effective workshops.

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For decades we have been crafting a tried and true study plan.

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