How to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Your Exam
How to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Your Exam

How to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Your Exam

1. Attitude

Tonya really nailed what most of us are thinking when she said, “I just want to get the exam over with so I can move on with my life.”

Your licensing exam is a big undertaking. It is the final stage in your journey to beginning your profession. Everything you have worked for will be finalized once the exam is passed, yet you just want it over with. But this is the wrong approach.

Many candidates dread (or even fear) the licensing exam, which creates anxiety and blocks you from passing and beginning your career of helping others! Embrace this exam. Don’t view it as an obstacle or a roadblock to your future.

Instead, get to know it. Be interested. Find joy in learning options, such as workshops or reviewing questions with a study partner. The licensing exam is a doorway; through it is your career goal. Don’t let it be a toxic experience. You’ll find that studying becomes easier, and you will be more open to absorbing more.

2. The Right Materials

Our colleague Tonya mentioned she did not get new materials and borrowed used items from a friend. While this might first seem like a great way to save some money, in the end, it didn’t help our colleague. In addition to the application fee and the exam fee, Tonya now has to also pay the rescheduling fee to retake the exam. Plus, add in more time to study and you can see how it all starts to add up!

The number of ways to rack up excessive costs range from purchasing inadequate materials to paying multiple exam fees. . .not to mention the time and logistics of retaking the exam.

Some candidates also report on future income loss, as they were lined up for a promotion or an entirely new job once they passed.

It’s important to prepare wisely from the start. Do your research in order to get the proper and up-to-date materials you need and to have the tools that will statistically give you the highest chance of passing. Don’t dismiss the ability to improve your test-taking skills through mock exam practice and learning exam strategies.

After all, your career relies on it.

3. Practice Exams

Taking an Assessment Exam at the beginning of the studying process will give you a score that can be used as your baseline. Our colleague Tonya didn’t take any practice exams. If you take a practice exam at the start, you can review your knowledge base, which will show you just how extensive your study plan will need to be.

Tonya’s unpleasant shock when she sat for the exam is not one you want to have, and there is a simple method to avoid it: practice exams. Not only do they give you a real experience of the exam, but they also orient you to the layout, tone, content, and question types you’ll find on exam day.

They can also be used to keep track of your progress, as well as provide a good indication of when you’re ready to test.

The strategies to tackle this exam should not be overlooked. You will save time, money, and enjoy your exam prep experience much more. More importantly, you’ll have a better outcome if you do your research and approach this entire process with a positive and encouraged mindset.

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